The purpose of the Deacon Ministry Family Plan is to address the physical and spiritual needs of the Congregation. This is accomplished by the Deacon Ministry joining with the Pastor and Ministerial staff to serve the needs of the Church Family. In accordance to the meaning, the work and practice of the New Testament Church, a Deacon is a servant to the Church. (See, Acts 6:3)

The Family Plan aims to strengthen the church/congregant relationship by assigning each family or individual member a Deacon by alphabetic sorting. Your assigned Deacon will serve you through prayer, visitations, crisis support, sharing information about the Faith and ministry, assisting you as you seek to find your place to serve in the Kingdom. The Deacon Ministry Family Plan, under the leadership and stewardship of the Pastor, helps to ensure that each member and family of our Christian Fellowship experiences the Love, nurture and support needed to become a Kingdom Focused Disciple of Jesus Christ.
Deacon Board:

 Leroy Joy

 Delores Reffegee

 Anthony Smith

Timothy Smith

 Roderick Boyd

Michael Reffegee
Eddie Fisher