Master Plan for Ministry 

Every member is encouraged to get involved in a ministry at New Cedar Grove Missionary Baptist Church. This is how members effectively connect to the church and become an active participant in fulfilling the church’s mission!

  • Ministry leaders are members of our church usually elected for service by members of each ministry.
  • Ministry leaders are responsible for setting the goals and strategies for their ministry with guidance from the pastor.

Ministry leaders are

  • A part of The Council of Ministries
  • Responsible for working along with the pastor to fulfill the mission for the ministry while contributing to the overall vision for the church
  • Responsible for disseminating appropriate information to ministry members


This council plus an Administrative Board is responsible for planning, carrying out, and evaluating the practices of the church that fall within the purpose of their respective ministries as they contribute to the mission of this church.

They are leaders:

  • Called and committed to Christ
  • Challenged by the ministry potential
  • Given a task that they desire to complete
  • Teamed with others to do this great work