Dear Friends,
Your choice to make a commitment to Christ by uniting with His church is a part of your relationship with Him.  Your membership has many privileges and opportunities, as well as obligations. In order for you to understand all about your church membership at New Cedar Grove, you must understand the principles we believe in.  You must also understand God’s purpose for the church.  Being a member of the church that Jesus Christ is coming back for requires that you do more than attend Sunday services.  It requires that you go beyond being a morally upright individual.  It requires that you commit your life to Jesus Christ and submit yourself to His will concerning your life. 

We are a church on the move–one that God has promised will be used to accomplish great things.  If you have joined this church, we welcome you into our vineyard, for there is much work to be done.  If you are still seeking, we welcome you to consider joining the New Cedar Grove family. 


To the members, it is my prayer that you will utilize your church membership and your relationship with Christ for the full purpose for which it was meant.  As you walk this spiritual journey, may you gain full insight and knowledge concerning God’s will for your life.  May God get the glory for the efforts put forth through this website.  May those of you who use this website to engage with New Cedar Grove discover more ways to connect with us to do God’s great work.


God bless you,                                 

Prophetess Rev. V. B. Smith, Pastor